Why You Need To Delete Your Path Account


Path is launched during my early 20s age and I found it incredibly entertaining. Path has just come out in the perfect time when Y generation get used to communicate, share and talk through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Comparing with other social network, Path seems much more elegant way of keeping track. Path is lightweight social networking app with limit 150 friends and continuous timeline that includes locations, photos, videos and comments.

Path has successfully made me feel more connected with the world (in fact, not). Path shows the things happened while I am just busy doing my own daily routine.  I can easily share any picture, and put it on Path and let the world knows how cool what I am doing or where I am. I was so addicted with Path until one I am feeling overwhelming and just enough.  I decided to delete and I don’t think I need it anymore. Here’s why I delete my Path.

1. It’s time to face a cold, hard truth here.
Not all of my ‘friends’ are real friends of mine. Real friendship is a close bond formed by actual personal interrelationship, and it’s governed by a social contract. A Path ‘friendship’ is just a two-way online connection whereby a virtual stranger can see what you post and snoop through your photos easily. Path only provides artificial sense of closeness with ‘friends’ that doesn’t actually exist in real life.

2. Spend more, care less.
Funny thing that I spend more time to check, post and comment to friends that I don’t really meet them often. (or even I only met once). I spend more time on Path but the less time I spend actually living my life. Keep updating in Path is making me feel as through I keep track of people. It’s all just the illusion of intimacy and makes me terrible friends than those real friends that really care and have real relationship with. This is fake engagement. This just made me lazy and shallow friends. How grumpy soundbite ‘Path is taking over my lives’.

3. I lose real sense of human being
In this hectic world nowadays, people are just too busy and somehow forget the basic human needs, the intense interactions. I underestimate my needs of touch, smile, kind word, listening ear, honest compliment, small act of caring and everything with real social connection. That turns a life meaningful. Not just how many smile, love, comments I get on my Path posting.

In conclusion, I dont wanna be a person that only care about her self and selfish. It’s my time to make real connection and enjoy real life.


2 thoughts on “Why You Need To Delete Your Path Account

  1. Cania Citta Irlanie says:

    Isn’t the problem of “loose real sense of human being” or unecessarily “spend more time on checking Path than meeting up” becoming an obvious challenge (or even threat) in every social media we’re on?

    • admin says:

      Hi Cania,

      Yes, basically all social has made gap between real human connection. Social Media is supposed to be a tool to help us not to rely on. I am still using other social media with its own useful feature, let’s say Instagram, looking at selected beautiful moment is more valuable and I am following news and influencer people in Twitter to learn from the expert. I am not talking not to use social media at all. I still check Facebook account, useful for birthday reminder. But in this particular case, I am talking about Path which is even worse. I can hardly see what advantage I can take and how overwhelming I am to think and care what other people say. It’s all just about privacy daily life and I don’t think it’s necessary to let people know unimportant tiny stuff I do. I’d rather have WhatsApp Group with close people that really care and know each other :)

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