What I Had Learnt During 2015 and What I Would Like To Do in 2016

I might say that 2015 had been amazing year for me with fully emotional  roller-coaster feeling that lead to exciting yet exhausting journey. Starting from quit my job, ready to tie the knot and do full time my own dream company were incredible unbelievable that I never thought that I am ready. In fact, I really enjoy it.

Since I meet my x-boyfriend (now my husband), I know that my life will never be same. We feel that we complete each other (regardless he is scorpion and I am pisces which is perfect couple !) in term of common interest, industry we work together, and vision of life. With his help and skills, I started my own blog and Student Job website and I started to learn by my self after looking at him how he set up everything. I can do html, css and javascript (and currently learning python) and even helping do front-end developing for Dealoka sales website system without technology education background !

We do work hard and play harder. I feel like that my world in no longer flat. I started to travel for diving with him from thousand island, pahawang island, and Cebu in Philippines. I like water but I never tried diving even free diving (without oxygen!) and the first time we went to thousand island, I kinda enjoy it. Growing in old-style and strict family, my parents never allow me to go or even stay in my friend’s house (imagine for 25 years old woman-no-longer-little-girl). However, I am like little bird with big wings ready to go anywhere and start the new adventures.

During in the last 1 year we had been together  (6 months in relationship and 6 months in marriage), I would like to share what I learn from my husband that completely affect my life in good way :
1. Spend less time in social media (even deleted my path account)
I wrote an article about it before it that you can check here. I can’t push you to stop using social media immediately but how much time you spend less in social media better.  I still have Facebook and Twitter account but I only check and update during spare time (probably once per month), I regularly check and update my Linkedin (for professional purpose) and Instagram (for leisure) and share my thought in own website. I have real life, real friends, and real connections. I don’t need to worry what people think of me and vice-versa. I’d rather to have limited group of friends (in WhatsApp group) that really care about me instead large number with unknown random people. And guess what, I enjoy life more.
2. Worry less about money
Yes, money may make our life better but money is not everything. When I was teenager, I got motivated to earn a lot of money, work harder and be the best of the best due my father had been unemployed. I had difficulties times since then and become extremely carefully spend every penny I had. I was so skinny unhealthy with limited food I could afford and lack of experiences. And the mindset I had when I had enough money I’d rather to buy new smartphone or branded stuff.
But since I got married, my husband taught me not to worry about money but take risk and time. It doesn’t mean to be extravagant but it’s mostly about appreciate what you have at moment. He always eats good food and loves traveling. I always wanna do that but I am just waiting the right time until (I think) I have enough money but it seems that the perfect time will never come. So I started healthy lifestyle (that cost more of course but worth to try) and go travel more across nation wide and abroad. I am feeling more open, enthusiastic, and dynamic. I have more stories to tell. And with the good food we have, I am feeling like a machine, stronger and healthy (I have never been sick even my pain in stomach (or magh in Bahasa) had gone. And I don’t care anymore what my smartphone is and my brand I wear, as long as those works and feel comfortable. Now I realized not to worry too much about money, but to optimize what we have to become priceless.
3. Focus !
Just like Doreaemon song, I wannna be that, this, and everything. In first, I wanna be socialita and then I wanna be geek as well. I just love both and unfortunately I couldn’t be both. So I had to pick one and get focus. Since I know I am INTJ, I’d rather to live in my own world, learn all geeky stuff, and keep improving my skills. So I focus on building my dream company, Student Job that will be a long journey, but with his support, and looking at Student Job traction progress, I am confident that I can do it.

So that’s the top 3 in my head and I though worth to share and I hope it would also help you to be better in this upcoming year. I am also writing the to-do-list below to simplify the real steps to do after reading my blog (and the things that I keep doing this year) :
1. Read Hacker News
This one is quite technical stuff and I am facing a bit difficulties in beginning read the Hacker News. It might take some time to really understand but as the time goes by, it will help how you think instead reading the random news with bunch of rumours and gossips. Hacker News is part of Y combinator that founded by Paul Graham, one of the most successful startup founder and investors. If you are interested, take a look here.
2. Eat good food
Yes, your only treasure you own is your body. You live, work, eat everyday with your body. Take care of your body with good food. Seriously, bad food may have good taste for a minute in your mouth but won’t last forever. Start healthy lifestyle with eating no sugar-replaced with fruits, no rice and meat !
3. Do more exercise
I get used to swim every morning or at least once per two days to keep my body strong and healthy. You can do any kind of exercise that you enjoy at least make your body actively moving.
4. Learn a lot 
With unlimited resources, you have no excuse not to learn from anywhere and anytime. You can simply check which one better renting or buying a house in Khan Academy or even Google what is black holes.  Learn something new everyday and get smarter time by time.
5. Travel !
This one is my favourite. No doubt that travel will enrich your experience. Travel is like reading life, knowing people culture, out there, and get out of your comfort zone. It doesn’t have to expense a lot of money, just go with backpack style, find local host in airbnb and get cheap flight tickets.


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