“Startup, Why Not ?” Sharing in Indonesia Youth Academy

seminar startup why not

It all starts with “Why me?” question and following on “Why not !”. And I think that’s why startup is happening now and it seems that every one is trying to grab this digital opportunity to be a part of the growing industry in Indonesia. Regarding to the McKinsey research, Indonesia’s digital opportunity worth USD 150 billion by 2025 (I know that’s insane, right?!).

So, on this saturday, 10th December 2016, I have got invitation to share my experience in building Student Job with Indonesia Youth Academy. Here, basically what I shared starting from why you need to start a startup, how to start a startup, how to valid your target market until how to run your own startup.

student job sharing session

It’s been a while honestly after postnatal break to start sharing and meeting highly motivated young people. (I know I am so fat, so please just ignore how fat I am while I am still breastfeeding my son). 
seminar startup why not

It was really exciting looking at many people raised their hands willing to ask questions. Since we have limited time, there were only 3 sessions with 3 questions on each session. The questions I remember are about how to find the mentor, how to get funding, how long until you finally decide your whynot moment, how to make money and how to secure your idea.

Few of the participants came from out of Jakarta. Even one of the them is Madagascar. (Yes, this is so random.) Feeling their enthusiasme has motivated me. So happy that some of them already started their own business.

seminar startup why not indonesia youth academy

I feel deeply honoured to have been invited here today and hopefully Indonesia Youth Academy is getting bigger and bigger and of course, impacting more youth lives !

Pssstt…they open registration for ASEAN Startup Accelerator, register now here


Keep Moving Forward

If you said that raising start up is hard, wait until you have kids. I am telling you that raising kids is more difficult.

I was quite afraid actually having kids. It’s human being with big responsibility. Running startup might only end up at running out of money and I can go back to work anytime. But raising kids is totally different. I have to sacrifice my time, my energy even my body.

It is a serious consideration.

It all needs commitment, consistent, and collaboration with my partner. Fyi, my husband is also startup founder, and yes, we both are risk taker. We have no stable income, no financial guarantee, nothing like employee.

As founder, we can hire people (if we had enough fund) and handover some work like customer support, admin, and social media. We don’t need to do all by ourselves. We can train those staff with our standard procedures. Comparing to raising kids, it’s still easy. Seriously, I am not joking. I have been running own startup from zero until now with more than 100k monthly visits. I know exactly how it feels to set up own web, look for user and approach investor.

annisa purbandari

When I know I was pregnant, I keep doing my work (nothing’s gonna stop me). Until I have been selected into startup incubator (I was 6 months pregnant at that time), the investors asked my plan after having birth. I understand that they might worry that I would quit startup and be full time mom. I told them basically that this is my passion and I will keep doing it with or without them.

Raising kids is even more difficult. I have sleepless night changing nappy. I have to stay alert every hour even every minutes when my baby awake whether to feed or just to cuddle. Sometimes, my babe is crying loud. No one can understand except his own mother. With the mother instinct, I can recognise slowly but sure my baby cries and know how to soothe him.

And now, imagine what I am currently doing : running startup, Student Job and raising my newborn son, Alvaro, in the same time.

And I said to my self : Why Not ?

Alvaro Balapati
Fortunately, woman are great multitasking. We can switch from another task to another one easily. We can also do more than one task in the same time. It allows me to keep doing my work and taking care of my son.

People might think why I don’t give up my job and focus on my baby. I just can’t leave my babe only with my family or the nanny since he is newborn and needs breastmilk (I am expecting to have at least 1 year breastfeed) and there are some task that I need to do by my self as founder.

alvaro annisa purbandari
I wanna see my startup getting bigger across nation wide and also (of course) I don’t wanna miss watching my son growing up. I am willing to do both and to put in effort.

Having baby is teaching me to be extremely organized. I enjoy what I am doing and nothing’s gonna stop me.


3 Perempuan Paling Berpengaruh di Bidang Teknologi

Perempuan memiliki peran penting dalam bidang teknologi, bahkan dalam skala global. Berikut 3 daftar perempuan yang saya kagumi.

1. Christine Lagarde – Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund
christine Lagarde

Christine Lagarde merupakan orang Prancis dan sangat bangga dengan negara asalnya ! Hal ini tidak menjadi hambatan sebagai perempuan pemimpin institusi internasional tingkat dunia. Dipercaya sebagai Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, pada tahun 2011, semakin mendorong Christine untuk meningkatkan stabilitas ekonomi dunia dan mengurangi angka kemiskinan.

2. Sheryl Sanberg – Chief Operating Offier of Facebook

Sheryl Sandberg

Setelah keluar dari Google, Sheryl gabung dengan Facebook pada tahun 2008 dan membantu media sosial tersebut mendunia, IPO hingga profitable. Sheryl telah meluncurkan buku bestseller berjudul “Lean In“. Sheryl secara aktif mengajak perempuan dan pria untuk kolaborasi bersama dalam kesetaraan gender dan mendorong lebih banyak perempuan menjadi enterpreneur.

3. Susan Wojcicki – Chief Executive Officer of YouTube

Susan Wojcicki
Susan merupakan karyawan Google ke-16 yang kemudian dipercaya sebagai CEO YouTube pada tahun 2014. YouTube kini memiliki valuasi nilai sebesar $ 20 milyar. Susan memperlihatkan secara professional bagaiman keahliannya dalam memimpin dan management bisnis.


Founder VS Celebrity

I have seen phenomena lately where founder is chasing for public attention just like how celebrity does. The thing is that as startup founder, we are supposed to focus on our daily stuff starting from preparing product, doing marketing plan and sales plan, pitching to investor, whole business process, it seems overwhelming but the truth, yes, it is beyond overwhelming. Our duty to work more than 80 hours per weeks as we are committed to run own company and enjoy “corporate freedom”.

So what happened once startup founder goes public attending events, being speaker or guest star, instead doing daily task ? I know few founders just too busy hanging around by being speaker but at the end, he failed as founder. These are what you’d do to be good founder ”

1. Let people judge you
When you start being celebrity, you think too much about what other people think about you instead your own product. People keep comparing and you will be worried too much. You don’t need to spend more time about personal self branding. You’d rather do your own work and get things done. Read a lot of books and write in personal blog to share and learn your knowledge.

2. Focus on your goal
Ask your self first, what is your life ambition and why do you do it ? If you just wanna be famous with fancy title in your CV, just be motivator or trainer and get paid. But, if you wanna chase your dreams and make them happen, please stay focus on your goal. Remember, running a startup is like bringing a big stone across mountain with high risk. Don’t complain and just enjoy your journey.

3. Be the real founder
Real founder is passionate about their ideas and determined to do it until the end of the world. They are not easily affected with the glamorous of media and fans. Real founder knows exactly what their role and get their stuff done. 

These are the most respected founder (so far) from my point of view :
1. Ferry Unardi, founder Traveloka.
I rarely see him in meet up or conference but I know he must be a busy (not just busy but extremely productive) since Traveloka is growing so fast.
2. Sidnei Budiman, founder Dealoka
I can tell how passionate he is as founder from his dedicated time to work and expand the business to Bandung also.
3. Yansen Kamto, founder Kibar.
With many projects launched including startupsurabaya, seedstarworld, femaledev and many more, I adore him. His commitment determination will never lie.

What do they have in common ? Media published about them and they are not exhausted to push media to spread the good words about them, because they proved it ! How about Mark Zuckerberg ? He is the exception and that’s how we can copy from him. He can tell anything he wants as he becomes millionaire and he is recently active speaker, motivator and donator after (not opposite).

Until you make your own company worth $20 M or goes IPO,
go out, hangout and enjoy life !


Girls, Ini Alasan Kenapa Harus Mulai Membuat Startup

a day in life startup corporate

Perkembangan startup di Indonesia dimulai ketika pertama kalinya Koprol dibeli oleh Yahoo pada tahun 2010. Istilah startup sebenarnya memiliki makna SME (Small Medium Enterprise) atau UKM (Usaha Kecil Menengah) namun seiring berkembangnya pengguna internet  dan fenomena buble dot com, istilah startup merujuk pada teknologi website dan mobile application.

Startup biasanya merupakan perusahaan yang usia kurang dari 3 tahun, memiliki karyawan kurang dari 20 orang, dan masih dalam tahap pengembangan. Total pendapatan setahun kurang dari $ 100.000 dan produk yang dibuat dalam bentuk digital berupa website atau mobile apps.

Selama 2 tahun belakangan berkecimpung di dunia startup, saya ingin mendorong lebih banyak perempuan agar terjun dan menjadi bagian dari komunitas perusahaan digital karena :

1. Lebih dihargai sebagai perempuan
Industri teknologi masih didominasi cowo dan kita sebagai perempuan perlu turut mengambil peran dari perkembangan perusahaan internet. Teknologi terkesan untuk pria saja padahal programmer pertama di dunia adalah perempuan bernama Grace Hopper. Bila kamu mendirikan startup sendiri, orang akan lebih menghargai kamu karena masih sedikit perempuan mendirikan startup sendiri.

2. Dituntut kreatif dan dinamis
Perkembangan dunia teknologi yang kian pesat menuntut kamu untuk kreatif setiap harinya. Membuat startup sendiri merupakan perjalanan panjang dari kehidupan sehari-hari yang tidak dapat dipisahkan. Para founder dan co-founder startup biasanya merupakan orang yang cerdas dan senang belajar.

3. Waktu fleksibel
Menjalankan bison’s online, kamu memiliki waktu fleksibel yang tidak hanya bergantung pada jam kerja kantor. Bila kamu merasa stuck dengan pekerjaan kantor 9-5 yang monoton, coba membuat startup sendiri dapat menjadi pilihan. Bebasjam kerja bukan berarti bisa seenaknya lho, justru kamu harus siap-siap mengorbankan waktu main dan bekerja lebih keras.

4. Challenge diri sendiri untuk membangun perusahaan sendiri
Bila bekerja di perusahaan job description dan KPI kamu sudah ditentukan, di startup kamu harus menentukan sendiri apa pekerjaan yang harus kamu lakukan dan apa goal yang harus dicapai. Untuk kamu yang menyukai tantangan dan tidak bisa berpangku tangan saja, startup sangat cocok karena persaingan dan perkembangan yang dinamis.

5. Sebelum market bangsa diambil alih orang asing
Keinginan pertama kali membuat job portal muncul ketika menyadari bahwa market dunia kerja dalam negeri dikuasai oleh asing. Sebut saja berbagai job portal terbesar yang gencar menyerbu pasar bangsa sendiri dari mulai big corporate hingga startup yang baru mendapatkan funding mengincar user Indonesia yang sangat besar. Sebelum membiarkan orang asing menikmatinya, mari kita buat produk asli dalam negeri.



Instead of preparing your CV, look for VCs

start up venture capital
As the number of Venture Capital (VC) is increasing in Indonesia, I would like to suggest to young to start approaching VC instead preparing your CV.  Regarding the fact that Indonesia has only 1.65% of enterpreneur is much more lower than other ASEAN countries. Thailand has 4%, Malaysia has 5% and Singapore 7%. If you are recently graduated and looking for a job, I am telling you not to find a job, find VC instead. In the earlier 20s, you are still very young with unlimited capability.

Here the advantages if you consider to start looking for VC
1. Learn how to build your own company in young age
Many people think that they need to have working experiences first before starting business That’s irrelevant. When I joined Ideabox and Founder Institute during my earlier 20s, I was the youngest person. Everyone thinks that I am still a little kid and may underestimate me sometimes. Once I realized, that I have high confidence and enthusiasme to learn fast and keep moving forward. After a while, I proved that I am better and even the best. People may be physically older than me but mentally, I am more mature. Don’t worry if you think that you don’t have enough experience, keep it in mind : “Age Doesn’t Matter.”  

2. Fail earlier, raise up earlier
If you failed, so what ? We will never know until we try. Running a business is like riding on a roller coaster. It’s exciting yet challenging. Don’t be down when your business idea doesn’t work. Keep moving forward.

3. Step ahead 
Start earlier will save your precious time. The good thing is that you can go back to corporate anytime  with bunch of worth experiences that no one else can beat you. You already have more experience how to build company, realize your business idea and seek for fund. You will easily get hired and become more confident with those experiences and skills.

So, you wanna challenge yourself ? Here’s most active venture capital firms in Indonesia :
1. Ideosource
Ideosource provides equity finance to support a capital base for their companies to grow. Ideosource’s portfolio including 8wood, acommerce, saqina, orori and gimmie. Visit their website in detail here.

2. Fenox Venture Capital
William Wijaya as head of Fenox Venture Capital in Indonesia, Fenox  originally came from Silicon Valley. Fenox connects startups to corporations for partnership opportunities in Silicon Valley and Japan. Click here for further.

3. East Venture
Focusing on mobile and consumer web in Indonesia, East Venture has invested in SCOOP, UrbanIndo, RedMart, Tokopedia and Bilna. Go contact them here.

4. Sky Star Ventures
Skystar Ventures is a tech incubator and working space founded by Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN) and Kompas Gramedia Group (KGG). We target early stage startups in the Internet, mobile, social, educaSkystar Ventures is a tech incubator and working space founded by Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN) and Kompas Gramedia Group (KGG). Further info click here

5. Convergence Ventures
Convergence Ventures is an early stage technology venture fund focused on investing in Indonesia. Convergence has invested in MalesBanget.com, FemaleDaily, Qraved and Indotrading. Contact them here

6. Mountain SEA Venture 
Mountain is Indonesian affiliate of the Zurich-based Mountain Partners with accelerator program Ideabox, which is also engaged with Indosat. Mountain invested in CekAja, YDigital and Dealoka.
Find out more here


Gojek – Go anywhere tanpa nguras kocek

Biasa pakai jasa ojek pulang pergi kampus atau kantor ? Atau lagi ngidam martabak tengah malam tapi malas pergi keluar beli ? Nah, ini aplikasi yang cocok untuk kamu. Kalau biasanya kamu yang nyamperin abang ojek, kali ini abang ojek yang akan datang menjemput kamu. Tidak hanya bisa antar jemput, aplikasi Gojek ini juga dapat mengirim paket dan mengantar makanan kesukaan kamu.

Gojek sebenarnya sudah ada sejak tahun 2011 namun jasa yang ditawarkan baru dalam bentuk SMS. Sekarang Gojek sudah memiliki aplikasi yang dapat di download di http://go-jek.com/app sudah tersedia versi Android dan iOS. Hingga saat ini sudah lebih dari 1.000 ojek yang tersebar se-Jabodetabek. Berikut cara menggunakan aplikasi Gojek.

1. Tampilan halaman utama aplikasi Gojek dengan tagline “An ojek for every need” dan latar berwarna hijau. Terdapat gambar motor atau ojek di tengah tulisan Gojek. Selanjutnya kita dapat memilih jenis service apa yang kita butuhkan. Gojek memiliki 4 jenis pelayanan dari mulai transport antar jemput, kurir, order makanan hingga belanja. Untuk kali ini, saya memiliki jasa kurir.

home screen gojek

gojek pick a service

2. Ketik detail alamat atau lokasi tujuan. Kita juga dapat memilih waktu antar apakah sekarang atau nanti. Pada map akan terlihat ada berapa banyak pengemudi berada di dekat kita.

Screenshot_2015-05-19-10-08-35  courier gojek

3. Untuk detail alamat jemput dan antar kita dapat klik “Location” maka akan muncul map. Pastikan alamat tujuan benar dan sesuai.


Screenshot_2015-05-19-10-09-21   Screenshot_2015-05-19-10-09-46

4. Tuliskan detail barang yang akan dikirim. Bila sudah selesai klil tombol “Next” dan booking telah selesai dibuat. Kamu dapat membuat booking baru atau cancel bila tidak jadi.

  Screenshot_2015-05-19-10-11-30 Screenshot_2015-05-19-10-11-53

5.  Tunggu beberapa menit sementara Gojek mencarikan pengemudi terdekat lokasi kamu. Kamu akan mendapatkan notifikasi bila terdapat pengemudi terdekat. Ojek yang berada di dekat kamu biasanya tidak akan lebih dari 15 menit ke tempat kamu. Kamu dapat mendeteksi lokasi keberadaan ojek.

  Screenshot_2015-05-19-10-12-22  Screenshot_2015-05-19-10-12-34

 6. Selain lokasi keberadaan, identitas driver juga terlihat dari foto, nama, dan nomor telephone. Kamu dapat menelephone dan mengirim SMS ke driver.

Screenshot_2015-05-19-10-12-42  Screenshot_2015-05-19-10-12-46

7. Pada menu My Bookings terlihat service kamu masih dalam in progress. Nah, bagaimana dengan sistem pembayaran ? Gojek tidak menggunakan sistem kartu kredit melainkan sistem top up melalui transfer bank. Untuk mengecek kredit yang kamu miliki, klik tombol setting di tengah. Kemudian pilih Go-Jek Credit.

Screenshot_2015-05-19-10-15-42 Screenshot_2015-05-19-10-16-09 copy

8. Sebagai pengguna pertama, Gojek memberikan promosi sebesar Rp 50.000 yang didapat dari teman sesama pengguna Gojek. Ketika kamu gantian membagikan kode milikmu, maka giliran kamu mendapatkan tambahan Rp 50.000 lagi. Jasa kurir yang saya gunakan sebesar Rp 25.000 yang dipotong dari bonus Rp 50.000. Kembali ke menu My Bookings, terlihat service yang telah selesai. Paket kamu telah sampai di tempat tujuan.

Screenshot_2015-05-19-10-16-30 Screenshot_2015-05-19-11-16-19

9.  Setelah selesai semua, kamu dapat memberikan review mengenai service yang diberikan pengemudi. Rating ini berguna bagi Gojek untuk mengetahui kapabilitas dari pengemudi apakah sudah sesuai dengan standar atau belum. Bila kamu memesan Gojek untuk antar jemput, Gojek akan memberikan helm, masker dan penutup rambut. Bila tidak, kamu dapat melaporkan dan menulis komen di kolom komentar.

Screenshot_2015-05-19-11-19-38 review gojek

Seperti ini tampilan penutup rambut (hair cover) yang berfungsi untuk mencegah rambut lepek akibat penggunaan helm.


tutup kepala gojek

Bila kamu puas dengan service Gojek, kamu dapat memberikan tips kepada pengemudi. Gojek tidak memiliki sistem gaji pokok. Sistem yang digunakan Gojek adalah bagi hasil 80% untuk supir dan 20% untuk perusahaan. Dalam sebulan rata-rata supir Gojek dapat mengantongi Rp 2 – Rp 3 juta. Dibandingkan dengan mengojek pribadi, kesejahteraan lebih baik dan kepercayaan masyarakat pun kian meningkat.