“Startup, Why Not ?” Sharing in Indonesia Youth Academy

seminar startup why not

It all starts with “Why me?” question and following on “Why not !”. And I think that’s why startup is happening now and it seems that every one is trying to grab this digital opportunity to be a part of the growing industry in Indonesia. Regarding to the McKinsey research, Indonesia’s digital opportunity worth USD 150 billion by 2025 (I know that’s insane, right?!).

So, on this saturday, 10th December 2016, I have got invitation to share my experience in building Student Job with Indonesia Youth Academy. Here, basically what I shared starting from why you need to start a startup, how to start a startup, how to valid your target market until how to run your own startup.

student job sharing session

It’s been a while honestly after postnatal break to start sharing and meeting highly motivated young people. (I know I am so fat, so please just ignore how fat I am while I am still breastfeeding my son). 
seminar startup why not

It was really exciting looking at many people raised their hands willing to ask questions. Since we have limited time, there were only 3 sessions with 3 questions on each session. The questions I remember are about how to find the mentor, how to get funding, how long until you finally decide your whynot moment, how to make money and how to secure your idea.

Few of the participants came from out of Jakarta. Even one of the them is Madagascar. (Yes, this is so random.) Feeling their enthusiasme has motivated me. So happy that some of them already started their own business.

seminar startup why not indonesia youth academy

I feel deeply honoured to have been invited here today and hopefully Indonesia Youth Academy is getting bigger and bigger and of course, impacting more youth lives !

Pssstt…they open registration for ASEAN Startup Accelerator, register now here


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