Last Day Using Uber (For Almost 4 years) So Sad :(

So yesterday was the last day of Uber in Indonesia or precisely across Asia. As loyal user of Uber, I am pretty sad. Uber has got so much memories starting when we got used to date (that was in 2014) until we got married and have a boy.

I always enjoy riding Uber. Almost all the drivers are pretty tidy, polite and nice to talk (well educated even some are corporate guys). My husband and I completely rely on Uber (in fact, we decided not to buy a car) in Jakarta and Bandung with fair rate and comfortable ride.

uber last day in indonesia

This is my very last trip of Uber in Indonesia. As usual, the driver is always nice. I just cant deal with any other apps for real ! I cant even move on from Uber. Oh seriously.

uber last day in indonesia

Well I keep Uber apps in my phone just in case I am gonna need it overseas especially inĀ  Oz.


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