Founder VS Celebrity

I have seen phenomena lately where founder is chasing for public attention just like how celebrity does. The thing is that as startup founder, we are supposed to focus on our daily stuff starting from preparing product, doing marketing plan and sales plan, pitching to investor, whole business process, it seems overwhelming but the truth, yes, it is beyond overwhelming. Our duty to work more than 80 hours per weeks as we are committed to run own company and enjoy “corporate freedom”.

So what happened once startup founder goes public attending events, being speaker or guest star, instead doing daily task ? I know few founders just too busy hanging around by being speaker but at the end, he failed as founder. These are what you’d do to be good founder ”

1. Let people judge you
When you start being celebrity, you think too much about what other people think about you instead your own product. People keep comparing and you will be worried too much. You don’t need to spend more time about personal self branding. You’d rather do your own work and get things done. Read a lot of books and write in personal blog to share and learn your knowledge.

2. Focus on your goal
Ask your self first, what is your life ambition and why do you do it ? If you just wanna be famous with fancy title in your CV, just be motivator or trainer and get paid. But, if you wanna chase your dreams and make them happen, please stay focus on your goal. Remember, running a startup is like bringing a big stone across mountain with high risk. Don’t complain and just enjoy your journey.

3. Be the real founder
Real founder is passionate about their ideas and determined to do it until the end of the world. They are not easily affected with the glamorous of media and fans. Real founder knows exactly what their role and get their stuff done. 

These are the most respected founder (so far) from my point of view :
1. Ferry Unardi, founder Traveloka.
I rarely see him in meet up or conference but I know he must be a busy (not just busy but extremely productive) since Traveloka is growing so fast.
2. Sidnei Budiman, founder Dealoka
I can tell how passionate he is as founder from his dedicated time to work and expand the business to Bandung also.
3. Yansen Kamto, founder Kibar.
With many projects launched including startupsurabaya, seedstarworld, femaledev and many more, I adore him. His commitment determination will never lie.

What do they have in common ? Media published about them and they are not exhausted to push media to spread the good words about them, because they proved it ! How about Mark Zuckerberg ? He is the exception and that’s how we can copy from him. He can tell anything he wants as he becomes millionaire and he is recently active speaker, motivator and donator after (not opposite).

Until you make your own company worth $20 M or goes IPO,
go out, hangout and enjoy life !


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