My Best 16 Moments in 2016

Welcome 2017 ! I can hardly say goodbye to 2016, which is full of joy and happiness. So, here I summarise what is my best 16 moments in 2016 :

1. Pocky Party
annisa purbandari pocky

2. Dealoka Campus Ambassador Graduation
annisa purbandari dealoka ambassador

3. IESE (Indonesia E-commerce Summit & Expo)
annisa purbandari iese

4. My Pregnancy
annisa purbandari

5. My Trip To Sydney
annisa purbandari

6. Birth of Alvaro
annisa purbandari

7. Girls In Tech Mentor Dinner with Bu Sri Widowati, head of Facebook
annisa purbandari girls in tech

8. Indosat Sharing Session
annisa purbandari

9.  Free Pass to Tech In Asia
annisa purbandari

10. WhyNot Moment Sharing Session
annisa purbandari

11. Winner in Alpha Startup Competition
annisa purbandari

12.Startup Why Not Sharing Session
seminar startup why not

13. Tapping in KTV
annisa purbandari

14. GalaDiner Student Job
annisa purbandari

15. Sharing Session in UNJ
annisa purbandari

16. Shooting One Day With kak Ollie
annisa purbandari


And many more…
annisa purbandari

Keep counting my blessing and enjoy this year :)


“Startup, Why Not ?” Sharing in Indonesia Youth Academy

seminar startup why not

It all starts with “Why me?” question and following on “Why not !”. And I think that’s why startup is happening now and it seems that every one is trying to grab this digital opportunity to be a part of the growing industry in Indonesia. Regarding to the McKinsey research, Indonesia’s digital opportunity worth USD 150 billion by 2025 (I know that’s insane, right?!).

So, on this saturday, 10th December 2016, I have got invitation to share my experience in building Student Job with Indonesia Youth Academy. Here, basically what I shared starting from why you need to start a startup, how to start a startup, how to valid your target market until how to run your own startup.

student job sharing session

It’s been a while honestly after postnatal break to start sharing and meeting highly motivated young people. (I know I am so fat, so please just ignore how fat I am while I am still breastfeeding my son). 
seminar startup why not

It was really exciting looking at many people raised their hands willing to ask questions. Since we have limited time, there were only 3 sessions with 3 questions on each session. The questions I remember are about how to find the mentor, how to get funding, how long until you finally decide your whynot moment, how to make money and how to secure your idea.

Few of the participants came from out of Jakarta. Even one of the them is Madagascar. (Yes, this is so random.) Feeling their enthusiasme has motivated me. So happy that some of them already started their own business.

seminar startup why not indonesia youth academy

I feel deeply honoured to have been invited here today and hopefully Indonesia Youth Academy is getting bigger and bigger and of course, impacting more youth lives !

Pssstt…they open registration for ASEAN Startup Accelerator, register now here


YouCam Makeup – Makeover Tanpa Makeup

Pertama kali nemu Apps ini di Play Store langsung jatuh hati dan bikin ketagihan ! Gimana ga, dengan YouCam Makeup kita bisa coba berbagai make up style secara virtual dan real time. Kalau kamu suka coba berbagai gaya make up, apps ini wajib kamu donwload. Dari  mulai make up gaya natural hingga cleopatra style bisa kamu aplikasikan ke wajah kamu langsung dengan kamera. Coba lipstick berbagai warna, blush on, bentuk alis hingga model rambut.

Aplikasi ini juga memungkinkan mengedit wajah melalui foto. Bila terdapat produk make up yang kamu sukai, bisa langsung membeli secara online. Tidak hanya make up, kamu juga bisa menambahkan aksesoris seperti anting dan kalung.

youcam makeup  youcam makeup

Aplikasi ini sangat cocok bagi pemula yang ingin mengetahui style make up yang tepat tanpa harus menguras kantong terlebih dahulu. Saya mencoba gaya exquisite (sebelah kanan) di bawah ini. Menariknya, lipstick yang diaplikasikan mengikuti gerak bibir sehingga seolah memang terlihat saya sedang memakai lipstick. Bandingkan dengan wajah tanpa make up di sebelah kiri.

youcam makeup       youcam makeup
Nah, bagi yang butuh cepat foto cantik tanpa perlu dandan, aplikasi ini patut dicoba :)

Bisa coba download untuk Android version dan Apple version.


Keep Moving Forward

If you said that raising start up is hard, wait until you have kids. I am telling you that raising kids is more difficult.

I was quite afraid actually having kids. It’s human being with big responsibility. Running startup might only end up at running out of money and I can go back to work anytime. But raising kids is totally different. I have to sacrifice my time, my energy even my body.

It is a serious consideration.

It all needs commitment, consistent, and collaboration with my partner. Fyi, my husband is also startup founder, and yes, we both are risk taker. We have no stable income, no financial guarantee, nothing like employee.

As founder, we can hire people (if we had enough fund) and handover some work like customer support, admin, and social media. We don’t need to do all by ourselves. We can train those staff with our standard procedures. Comparing to raising kids, it’s still easy. Seriously, I am not joking. I have been running own startup from zero until now with more than 100k monthly visits. I know exactly how it feels to set up own web, look for user and approach investor.

annisa purbandari

When I know I was pregnant, I keep doing my work (nothing’s gonna stop me). Until I have been selected into startup incubator (I was 6 months pregnant at that time), the investors asked my plan after having birth. I understand that they might worry that I would quit startup and be full time mom. I told them basically that this is my passion and I will keep doing it with or without them.

Raising kids is even more difficult. I have sleepless night changing nappy. I have to stay alert every hour even every minutes when my baby awake whether to feed or just to cuddle. Sometimes, my babe is crying loud. No one can understand except his own mother. With the mother instinct, I can recognise slowly but sure my baby cries and know how to soothe him.

And now, imagine what I am currently doing : running startup, Student Job and raising my newborn son, Alvaro, in the same time.

And I said to my self : Why Not ?

Alvaro Balapati
Fortunately, woman are great multitasking. We can switch from another task to another one easily. We can also do more than one task in the same time. It allows me to keep doing my work and taking care of my son.

People might think why I don’t give up my job and focus on my baby. I just can’t leave my babe only with my family or the nanny since he is newborn and needs breastmilk (I am expecting to have at least 1 year breastfeed) and there are some task that I need to do by my self as founder.

alvaro annisa purbandari
I wanna see my startup getting bigger across nation wide and also (of course) I don’t wanna miss watching my son growing up. I am willing to do both and to put in effort.

Having baby is teaching me to be extremely organized. I enjoy what I am doing and nothing’s gonna stop me.


Menyambut Hari Kartini : Kenapa Tokoh Superhero Lebih Banyak Pria ?

Tidak terasa sudah memasuki bulan April, sepertinya baru saja kemarin memasukin awal tahun baru 2016. Pada bulan April ini kita memperingati hari Kartini yang jatuh pada tanggal 21 April, hari lahir sang pahlawan Raden Adjeng Kartini pembela hak pendidikan perempuan Indonesia agar mendapatkan hak sama dengan pria untuk mengenyam pendidikan.

Melihat ramainya film animasi superhero di bioskop, membuat saya berpikir mengenai tokoh pahlawan dalam versi tokoh kartun atau animasi baik dari DC atau Marvel Comic. Seperti salah satu yang sedang hits dan memenuhi seluruh studio di bioskop : Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice, terdapat Wonder Woman.

gal gadot
Gal Gadot sebagai Wonder Woman

Bila kita perhatikan intensitas munculnya Wonder Woman yang diperankan oleh Gal Gadot jauh lebih sedikit bahkan jarang terdapat dialog dan memang bukan termasuk dalam tokoh utama yang ditampilkan dalam poster. Berbeda dengan Invisible Woman yang diperankan oleh Jessia Alba merupakan satu dari empat anggota utama Fantastic Four.

black widow
Scarlett Johansson sebagai Black Widow

Beberapa tokoh superhero perempuan terkenal lainnya seperti Black Widow yang diperankan oleh Scarlett Johansson dalam film Avengers, Storm yang diperankan oleh Halle Berry dalam film X-Men,  dan Super Girl yang diperankan oleh Mellanie Benoist dalam film Super Man.

Melihat persamaan dari seluruh tokoh superhero perempuan tersebut, saya mengambil beberapa kesimpulan bahwa mayoritas tokoh superhero :

1. Sebagai pemanis
Wonder Woman, Invisible Woman dan Black Widow bukan tokoh utama dalam film tersebut melainkan hanya sebagai pelengkap bahkan pemanis dalam film agar alur cerita lebih menarik. Peran dan kontribusi para tokoh tersebut juga tidak terlalu signifikan meski memiliki kekuatan super masing-masing.

Jessica Alba sebagai Invisible Woman

2. Identik dengan tubuh sexy
Hampir seluruh tokoh superhero perempuan tersebut berpakaian terbuka atau menutupi bagian tubuh tapi ketat dan memperlihatkan lekuk tubuh seperti Invisible Woman. Seolah daya tarik muncul tokoh superhero perempuan hanya dari tampilan fisik semata.

3. Tetap sebagai makhluk lemah
Ketika Wonder Woman akhirnya muncul turut membantu pertarungan Batman dan Superman, namun citra yang ditampilkan Wonder Woman menjadi semakin lemah dan tak berdaya ketika tengah berjuang melawan monster alien. Pada akhirnya tetap sang jagoan utama yang berhasil melawan dan memenangkan pertarungan. Begitu pula pada film X-Men : The Last Stand, ketika Storm berusaha melawan Jean Grey atau Phoenix yang kemudian menjadi tak berdaya dan hanya Logan sang Wolverine yang berhasil menaklukannya.

stormHalle Berry sebagai Storm

Selain tokoh superhero yang telah disebutkan di atas, sebenarnya masih ada beberapa tokoh lagi seperti Black Canary, Bat Girl, dan She-Hulk. But still, tokoh tersebut seolah hanya kloningan dari tokoh superhero yang sudah ada :p